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Highly Creative. Cost Efficient.
We are Blender Media.

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Blender Media is a creative consultancy group that specializes in content creation and brand strategy across multiple channels.
We are composed of industry veterans from video production, advertising, and the art scene, providing a unique perspective to creative challenges.

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Creative services

From mapping out a strategy for your products to creating and curating your content, we’ve got you covered.

Social media services

We can develop a social media strategy for you and your product, as well as build the content and put everything in its place. 

Livestreaming services

Go beyond running a presentation through Zoom. We can build an impressive livestreaming experience for your portals.  

workshops@Blender Media

Want to bring your staff up to speed? Setting up a crew to handle your creative or social media needs? We have solutions that fit your needs. 

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Our Clients